Most of us don’t even think much about the type of toilet we use. When a new toilet is needed, it is often bought for the price. Some people may even think that toilets are a pretty standard item, differing only by the manufacturer who makes them.

That may have been true in the past, but today, manufacturers of toilets are paying much more heed to the people who use them and the things they need. The plight of the handicapped and the elderly has received worldwide attention, and many devices have been manufactured to make life easier for them. What is comfort height toilet, and what makes it so special?

The Difficulty Of A Standard Toilet

The ordinary toilet only reaches about 14 or 15 inches in height. This may be suitable for younger people, but it proves a difficult height for taller people with long legs and seniors or the handicapped, who are dealing with various kinds of leg and back problems. To use the average toilet, most people will need to crouch down onto the seat. The body is put into an unnatural position that can be very painful for people with lower back problems.

Problems also arise when trying to stand back up. Standing up from a lowered sitting position places the stress on the upper legs. Many elderly suffer from weakness in the legs. Caretakers who assist the handicapped also have a harder time. Since an elderly person needs to be lowered onto the seat, the caregiver himself may be struck with back strain when helping them, particularly if the patient is heavy. A toilet of better height is needed.

How The Comfort Height Toilet Helps

A comfort height toilet is 17 to 19 inches in height. It is designed to be the same height as a normal chair. It is is much easier to use for those who have leg, knee, hip, or back problems of any kind. It is also easier for taller people to use.

Comfort height Toilet advisors are becoming much more popular today, so they are offered in different styles. You will still need to check the rough-in dimensions of your current toilet if you want to replace it with a comfort height type, and the styles may be more limited depending on the rough in size that you have.

One consideration when buying a comfort height toilet is how many others will be using it. If you have shorter people in your family, they may find it difficult to use. One easy solution to this problem is to keep a small step stool nearby that can be used at the base of the toilet, more information on Facebook.

The comfort height toilet is exactly what its name implies. Its additional height brings valuable comfort to those with many types of disabilities.