My interest in Yoga came from previous hobbies and heated interest in politics and economic science. Since my adolescent years, I’ve been involved with our carbon footprint and also the thrive of our Earth. Once operating in Washington, D.C., for a non profit green house program on energy and climate, I noticed that I required to grasp additional regarding humans and consciousness. Why were some humans additional aware and packed with care relating to the larger issues? however the decision-makers at the massive companies does not provide any support for environmental issues or in their wake? The rummage around for why sure folks were additional evolved than others in addition to my passion for our planetary thrive drove me straight and quick into Yoga as a young adult (or no matter your decision at that awkward post-college age before you recognize what you’re doing next in your life).
That gives you somewhat of a picture about my interest to Yoga. It leaves out many massive chunks of misunderstanding or dis-beliefs.
As a kid, I had health problems. Yoga uprooted them by my early thirties. Impart the deity of Yoga Guru Patanjali.
And, post Yoga studies, I dove hardcore into organic process teams and consciousness. Those experiences and teachings have junction in me to implement live yoga cluster involvement and participation as a part of any course I teach. Basically, we have a tendency to evolve quicker along. It’s that easy.
Your Yoga Trainer,
Natalie Roberson