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Plantar fasciitis is a temporary disorder that results in foot pain. This condition typically affects the back of a person’s heel and the bottom of their foot. When a person has to deal with this condition it usually causes them a lot of discomfort. The following material will describe this condition in detail and what people can do to avoid it.

How Does Plantar Fasciitis Develops?

Plantar fasciitis is the result of a damaged plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is a thick band of connective tissue within a person’s feet. This tissue is located at the bottom part of a person’s foot and it extends to their heel. When minor cuts or abrasions happen within the plantar fascia band then it will create the condition of plantar fasciitis.

Keep in mind that medical professionals are not exactly sure why this happens. The reason for their uncertainty has to do with the location of the band and how it functions. People can also develop this problem from standing on their feet a lot or a long time. It is also common among athletes and runners.

Plantar faciitis also happens to some people who work at department stores. There have been plenty of cases where workers would temporarily lose their ability to walk after working long hours in the store. Plantar faciitis also happens to people during the middle to later stages of life. It usually impacts people between the ages of 40 and 60 and it also happens to people who do not exercise on a regular basis.

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Treatments for Plantar Fasciitis

There are many treatments for plantar fasciitis and they include:

  • Elevating a person’s feet.
  • Using ibuprofen, ice or NSAIDs cream or pills.
  • Wear shoes that has great support and that can absorb a lot of shock.
  • Physical therapy exercises to relieve the swelling.
  • Do not walk around barefoot.
  • Wear compression plantar fasciitis sock that help to keep the condition under control.
  • Splints, casts and crutches might also help a person with relieving some of the pain and swelling that often accompanies this condition.

In rare cases people might have to get surgery to relieve this condition. However, most of the above treatments are adequate with helping to resolve this issue. With proper care, a person can alleviate the condition of plantar fasciitis within a week or two.