girl doing yogaWhen you’re a beginner, everything seems so difficult and it’s easy to mix up things or get discouraged. It’s the same with Yoga, which may overwhelm beginners who find it difficult at first. Knowing what to wear, what to bring to class and what to expect from each training session sounds like a lot of information to absorb at once. Below, there are six tips prepared to let everyone get a grasp of how to get started with Yoga and what’s most important when you are a beginner. Wearing yoga headbands really helps with this.

1. Start with the Breath
The most important thing in yoga is the way you breathe, because breathing is essential part of each posture. To make sure you have a good control over your breath, before you sign up for a yoga class train your breathing for at least a week or two. Start reading either about breathing in Asana or about meditation.

2. Start your training with a short meditation.
Learning how to meditate is important not only because you learn to control your breath but also because it’s a great way to start each of your yoga sessions. You can even add a goal or a prayer to your meditation – of course, this will depend on the type of yoga that you choose.

3. Select the Right Yoga Type for You.
There are many different yoga types and even within the same schools you may find different classes offered. Make sure that you make your own due diligence, read about each type of yoga online and find reviews about yoga schools which are in your neighborhood. You don’t want to sign up to a class only to find out your teacher has no idea what he’s doing. Try a running headband to keep your hair back.

4. Start with a basic course
When you choose the yoga routine, make sure it is for beginners – similarly, make sure that the studio of your choice offers classes for those who are new to Yoga. It’s good if you find a teacher to whom you can stick to during your whole beginner period – if you believe you don’t really like the teacher on the first meeting, change the class. It is better to do it in the beginning then in the middle of your course.

5. Don’t stress.
Usually, on your first day you don’t have to bring anything other than smile on your face and comfortable clothing. If you’re not sure what comfortable means, check if you can easily breathe in your chosen clothes. There is not much to stress about as you will learn everything once you arrive at the class

6. Preparation for Yoga
Make sure that you don’t eat a heavy meal right before the class. If you eat too much you can feel sick and your whole yoga experience will be ruined. If you arrive at the class a bit earlier, you may want to warm up a little bit. The most important thing which you can do is to stop stressing – there’s no point in being nervous. Everyone was once a beginner.

When you are new to yoga the most important thing which you have to remember is to simply enjoy the experience. There is no need for stress as people are usually very helpful and they want to help you enjoy your yoga experience just as much as you want it to be a great time.